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Billy the Bull was born of necessity in 2012. He is a champion for the bullied and abused. He is intended to be a symbol of safety and safe harbor, a friend to turn to, someone you can depend on to help you, shelter you and defend you against those who would persecute you.

Billy the Bull is an easily recognizable symbol in his defensive stance against this terrible plague on our youth and others in our society vulnerable to the negative impact of bullying and abuse. Billy the Bull Anti-Bullying Mascot has zero tolerance for this ultimate act of cowardice: the persecution of children.
Bullying is not something that is visited upon one demographic. It crosses all nationalities, cultures, religions, lifestyles and age groups.

Help us make Billy the rallying point for a grassroots, national movement to wipe out bullying from our society. By displaying a Billy the Bull decal on your car bumper, and in your home or store
window you are showing your support for the safety and welfare of our children. He represents the TRUSTED FRIEND who lends his power to the support of the vulnerable.

He fights the good fight. You are also telling the world that you represent a SAFE HAVEN to any child that needs someone to reach out to, who will offer whatever assistance necessary to help stop their exposure to bullying and abuse.

We hope to bring Billy the Bull and his message in defense of standing up and speaking out against bullying to everyone. With the endorsement of our nation’s leadership, we hope that Billy would be adopted as the national symbol of anti-bullying.

We are hoping you will consider joining us in this valiant fight to protect our children, the elderly, families and ourselves from the ever-increasing violence we face in our world.
Through the partnerships of many a true and lasting solution to this national epidemic will be found. Billy the Bull will help save lives.

Help us to effectively use Billy as a way to reach out to the youngest sufferers of the bullying epidemic by helping guide us to raising his visibility goals.
Be that hero,

For more information please
contact Helen Lalousis