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May 21, 2012 — 1:52

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“CenterStage: The Queens Center for the Performing Arts is proud to support Billy the Bull’s anti-bullying mission. Children are a precious commodity. They should be nurtured, guided in their growth and development, and kept safe from harm. At CenterStage children have the opportunity to indulge their creative spirits in hopes that the freedom to be who they are, whoever that might eventually be, will lead to a life of confidence and satisfaction. Like Billy, we look to champion for the quality of life and peace of mind of our children. A worthy, worthy cause.”

Barbara Speedling


Billy the Bull is not just a mascot this group symbolizes protection, education and awareness to the youth who are abused and bullied. I joined forces by God’s faith with these wonderful people because we are Super Hero’s fighting together to help support the victims that are defenseless and have no one to reach out to for help. Together my teammates will do everything we can to support individuals that have been in the same place I was in my life growing up. Unfortunately it took me most of my life to face my abusers but now things are different and kids have resources to turn to like Billy the Bull. Remember you are not alone we will help.

Patrick Dati
Public Advocate supporting anti-bullying and child abuse prevention, Public Speaker and soon to be Author of his upcoming book “I Am Me” “Survivor of child abuse and bullying speaks out”.


We at Yuma Films and Productions, Inc. would like to congratulate Helen on her hard work and dedication to the Billy the Bull project. This project is one we firmly believe in, and are happy to promote and endorse.
We are a growing film company, working on a production aimed at ending teen bullying and suicide. We have partnered with 200 non-profit organizations and together we are all endorsing Billy the Bull through our site, youthinkyouknowme.net. His new site, billythebull.com, is a well designed page that we look forward to seeing grow to be an amazing resource for the Billy the Bull campaign. He is an excellent mascot for the anti-bully movement, and we are excited to partner with Helen and see where the Billy the Bull movement goes.
Thank you,

Evelyn Torres Espino
CEO Yuma Films


“Billy the Bull” was created as a symbol to raise awareness against Anti-Bullying, Violence, and also to provide a safe place for children to rely on if they needed someone to support them. Billy like many mascots, promotes strength, protection, and justice. In an age, whereby role-models are far and few, Billy the Bull will always provide support to anyone that seeks it.”

Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo, President and Founder of Teach Antibullying, Inc.


The ever growing problem of bullying, affects both the young, in and out of school, and adults in our communities all over the country. The silent pain for those who have been bullied and/or abused is now becoming a national issue. A champion for the cause has risen above all to lead the way. Billy the Bull is a champion for the bullied and abused of all ages and is a major force in getting the word out to the world that we have zero tolerance for these acts. We support Billy the Bull and will join in the fight to abolish bullying and abuse in our communities.

Andrew Joseph Koslosky
Chairman of the Josephine Foundation

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This web site is dedicated to Annette Mitchell, for opening her heart, sharing her love, generosity of spirit and an unwavering determination to putting an end to bullying and abuse.

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